work in progress by Discoteca Flaming Star

Sofia Lomba incorporates since 2015 the character Ingrid on video and live.


“Ingrid, one of the figures populating the space that Discoteca Flaming Star creates. In part she relates to the deceased B-movie actress Ingrid Rabel (Maria Teresa Gómez Gutierrez, 1945 – 2002), in part to the figures and fictions Ingrid Rabel performed, in part to the fictitious extensions we keep adding to all of that. For DFS, Ingrid is an exemplary character, an exemplary figure, an exemplary life. Born after the defeat in the Spanish Civil War, under the dictatorship of Franco, having some loose relationship to Germany, assuming a German stage name, dying of cancer at the beginning of the 21st century. Addicted to slot-machines, an alcoholic, unsuccessful. Like all of us. The artist Celine Condorelli gives Ingrid her voice, the artist Sofia Lomba makes her come alive for the camera. Ingrid is herself a density, layered, as if in a Max Beckmann painting -- of tragedy, comedy and pathos, multifaceted, lumping incongruities together. Inconsistent. And through her DFS sets to build spaces, for different bodies and narrations to live and exist together, to partake in a dialogue among and alongside each other, to understand this world and imagine another one fully outside of it. Some are dead, some absent, some fictitious and some living ones in love, connected by a silken string, inside an unknown body, inviting poetic desire, warm and soft, always dissolving, never locked, insisting to dust-bathe. Small miracles, performed one by one. De-formance, connecting fragments, never durable, glamorously insisting. Every story is worth being told and retold, crucial, necessary, beautiful, inspiring, magic, diamantic.”