“Art as a feeling, de-performed through loving and fighting. “ Kevin Braddock, Sleek Magazine


“The family began in 2011 as a project of the artist Wojciech Kosma, but has since evolved into a

larger collaboration. It acts as a host to a number of performers, who engage in the practice on their own terms. To produce each performance a constellation of these collaborators come together, sharing its authorship.” Galerie Kamm, Berlin


Princesses, still frames

rehearsal filmed by Max Weinman,  directed by Wojciech Kosma, produced by Ma Lomba

Theaterhaus Berlin, Germany



Evening Performance

Sofia Lomba & Llewellyn Reichman

Galerie Kamm, Berlin, Germany



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Wojciech Kosma, in the front, with The Family.

Photo © Maxime Ballesteros for Sleek